Hextrio Photography

We provide portrait and venue photography services.

Whether you need portraits of a whole school staff or just a few photos of new teachers for your school website, we can help. (For details of portrait sessions follow this link)

Do you offer venue hire, and would like to present your fantastic spaces in an inviting way? We can create bright, sharp and inviting photos for your website. (For details of venue photography sessions follow this link)

Schools where Hextrio provides technical support services receive fantastic offers ranging from free portrait top-up sessions (new staff portraits) to 50% off the regular price for whole school staff portraits sessions.

The prices depend on the number of factors (number of staff to be photographed, licensing type, school location etc), as an indication, the simple top-up photo session for up to 6 new members of staff for the school website costs from £300 + vat. 

To provide you a no obligation quote we need to know approximate number of photos, type of photos (portraits, location etc) and the school location.

To find out more or to get a quote, please contact Krzysztof - kjurek@hextrio.com

Thank you to all the lovely school staff who provided permission to use their photos below as portrait examples.