We have been providing IT support to schools and other educational settings for years but also as crucially we enjoy testing and evaluating the new and latest technologies and IT solutions.

Our team is happy to discuss and implement a free / open source solution just as much as a brand new and latest bit of kit, as long as it is best suited solutions to your school needs.

Aaron Pitts

Aaron has come from a background of working in a primary school as a technician since 2013. Aaron often enjoys working on hardware repairs and finding new solutions for everyday technical issues in schools. He has a real talent in resurrecting the equipment which often would be deemed beyond repair. Aaron makes any IT request look easy to resolve and he is also an expert in computers deployment procedures.

contact Aaron: apitts@hextrio.com

Krzysztof Jurek

Krzysztof leads the technical team and manages technical service support across a number of London schools. Krzysztof’s specialisms include network design and installation, auditing schools’ technical infrastructure and giving advice and consultancy on a variety of digital solutions. As a Google Certified Educator Level 1 and 2, Krzysztof also provides training on Google Workspace for Education services including Google Clasroom. Krzysztof has a passion for technology and is a go to person on technical innovations. He is also a great photographer.

contact Krzysztof: kjurek@hextrio.com