Portrait Photography Details

We offer two types of staff portrait sessions:

Full Portrait Session

We will setup a portable photo studio in your school for the duration of the session and will be able to produce bespoke, consitently looking portraits for all staff that fulfill your requirements regarding the style, background, size etc. This session allows us to match and replicate the look of the existing portraits on your school website, or to create a completely new look based on your requirements.

The full session usually takes a whole day to take the photos and then the photos are edited and uploaded to an online album usually the following day.

We can produce on average anything between 30 to 50 beskope portraits within a single day session. This mostly depends on the availability of staff during the day.

Top-up Portrait Session 

As opposed to the Full Portrait Session as described above the top-up option allows only to produce portraits for staff that have missed the full session and their portraits are missing from the school website while avoiding the cost associated with the full portrait option.

We will produce professional portraits and will use available space as a background. This session usually does not allow us to match and replicate the look of the existing portraits on your school website, which is often the case if the photos were taken by a different company. In order to get the bespoke and fully customizable portraits, the full portrait session is required.

Schools where Hextrio provides technical support services receive fantastic offers ranging from free top-up sessions (new staff portraits) to 50% off the regular price for whole school staff portraits sessions.

The prices depend on the number of factors (number of staff to be photographed, licensing type, school location etc),
as an indication:
the simple top-up photo session costs from £300 + vat (for up to 6 members of staff for the school website only)
full session costs from £600 + vat (for up to 50 members of staff for the school website only, school located in Greater London)

To find out more or to get a quote, please contact Krzysztof - kjurek@hextrio.com

Thank you to all the lovely school staff who provided permission to use their photos below as portrait examples.